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Triathlon is seen as the fastest growing sport in the world today?


Why Creative & Innovative Triathlon Business Analysis & Research?  Research, innovation and attention to detail are key guiding principles.


Comparing yourself with competitors on market is always useful, but being able to peek into what other aim to do and therefore become leader in the market, gives you different and innovative points of view how to approach reporting issues in triathlon business.


The area of quantification and analysis of triathletes web presence has hardly been touched upon in research terms. There is a clear need for detailed longitudinal prospective research of how investing time in such marketing and promotion by triathletes varies over time, and how this might relate to the occurrence of other specific data which can prove that triathlon is really one of world's fastest growing sports in the world today.


Triathlon has evolved rapidly in the past few years, and has now reached a point where there may still be a detectable increase, but not to the former extent for some time now. We're seeing a trend towards a bigger and bigger mix: Triathlon and Swim Run are growing together, more and more events are appearing in the duathlon segment, but also a sort of a mix of mountain biking and trail running.


The development in the triathlon business has been going steeply upward for years. But when will the summit be reached? What do retailers and exhibitors need to do to make the boom continue? What will the upcoming trends in triathlon be? Digitization will also find its way into the world of triathletes, and determine its future.


Triathletes are the role models when it comes to combining offline and online. That means: The industry has to respond. Manafacturers with digital expertise will determine the trends.


Even today triathletes transport their activities online in real time, let everybody take part in them who are at home, or have nothing to do with it. This definitely won't be propelled forward less, but more. The networking of the online and offline triathlon community is, in my opinion, in full swing. Triathlon bloggers, are simply becoming more and more important for event organizers and manufacturers, since they recommend dates and products and the community likes reading tips.


Those who ask the right questions on consumer behavior, and give the answers to their colleagues in marketing and sales in an easy to understand way, is something what many managers is missing.


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