New & Never Seen Research in Endurance Business.


Nobody beats me on brands.

   Ahonui is a word in the Hawaiian language meaning patience, but it is more the word for perseverance.


Is it possible to be all the time up to date with current Endurance Sports Business Market Worldwide? Can we say that we know all sports brands and companies with direct contacts in Endurance Business?


Ahonui.Hub - The Most Comprehensive Brands Collection in International Endurance Sports Industry 


New Ahonui.Hub is connected with TR:IN. - Tr:Industry Network. / Find:TriBrand


With current, 'working title' Find:Brand-EnduranceBiz and Find:TriBrand is the most complete and comprehensive collection with more than 5,000 brands in endurance sports business split by countries worldwide with their business and brand categories connected with following sports: triathlon, swimming, open water swimming, cycling (road and MTB), running, trail running, orienteering running and obstacle-course racing.


There is possibility to feature each brand according to country, direct contacts and core business activity, such as 'triathlon clothing' ; 'cycling clothing' ; 'triathlon AI training' ; 'cycling powermeter' ; 'sports nutrition' ; 'indoor cycling trainer' ; 'carbon wheels' ; 'recovery boots' etc.



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