What can I do for you as brand ambassador?

Although driven by competition I have a genuine interest in my sponsors and partners and know that without them iI wouldnt be able to compete. Over the past years I made a concerted effort to gain high profile exposure in a range of different medias as this portfolio shows. I am self motivated and believe I offer not only a sticker on a bike or branded clothes, but act as an truly ambassador for my sport and my partners and take this role very seriously!


As a age group triathlete and sports management consultant I will have a unique opportunity to reach consumers on an international scale. Although triathlon is a niche market it is one that spreads round the globe and will continue to grow. The triathlon culture that it breeds is an enviable one that is enjoyed not just by participants but many members of the general public.


For sponsors that are not already involved in triathlon it is a unique marketing property, It’s a sport that allows you to connect with an upscale consumer as they pursue their passion for exciting action, the natural adrenalin rush and camaraderie. As a sponsor in triathlon, you will be more than just another advertiser; you will share a deep personal involvement with your potential customer.


As a sponsor you can expect full cooperation in all aspects of media coverage rights to images and my ongoing support in product awareness. I have built up good connections within the industries media sector and will continue to be work closely with them in the future. You will get the right to record, to film, to create media outcome and to use my name, image, voice, appearance, performance and biographic material for commercial and marketing and non-commercial and editorial purposes in all media on a world-wide basis.


From a personal point of view you will be sponsoring an athlete who is tenacious and driven. I am goal orientated as my achievments have demonstrated, Im not scared of working hard and have shown commitment and the ability to connect with a variety of people in my quest to reach the top. I offer a fresh and hard-working face to the world of triathlon and would love you to be part of it.


My triathlon credentials combined with my current role as young business development manager of Ocean Lava Planet triathlon series makes me an attractive prospect for potential sponsors. I'm using my social media skills and marketing savvy to ensure that I'm providing the maximum amplification for any brand that chooses to sponsor me as a triathlete.

                                         Proud to be Brand Ambassador!

Ich bin sehr stolz, Botschafter von 'Muskeln für Muskeln' zu sein.


Sport braucht Muskeln - Menschen ohne Muskeln brauchen Unterstützung!

As trathlete from Croatia I support the fight against Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)! TRI for SMA! 

Please, join me.


I have had the pleasure of becoming a GripGrab Local Hero and look forward to represent GripGrab as Local Hero from Croatia! GribGrab Local Heroes come from different places in the world, but they have one thing in common: A deep founded dedication for their sport!


I feel naked without my new Suunto Ambit 3 Peak watch. I'm super excited to become one of Suunto brand ambassador in Croatia! Strap on one of the Suunto training or outdoor watches and you'll see why they are called 'wrist-top computers'!

Be true to yourself, stay clean! It's not cool to dope!

Cheating is contrary to the spirit of sport and doping damages yourself and your family! Say NO to doping!  I support drug free Triathlon and drug free Sports!

Put your hands up for fair, honest sport!!

I have been familiar with the Orca brand since my early days as a triathlete. Orca has always maintained a high level respect within the triathlon community, and I look forward to carrying as Orca brand ambassador on its great heritage.


I'm thrilled that I'm EQUMEN's athlete / brand ambassador in Europe!  EQUMEN enables me to be at my best!