All of my hard work and success wouldn't be possible without my partners and supporters! In Triathlon, and most individual sports, it is almost impossible to be better without support.


A special gratitude to my family for their unwavering support. They are my greatest backers and supporters. I'm very lucky to have their love and I hope that we would, together, have many more excting chapters.


Words can not describe how much I value and appreciate every one who is associated with me. With all of the difficulties that come along with being a competitive triathlete, I could not to do more of this also without the support of my partners. 


Bellow are some companies that are helping me follow my Triathlon dream as an passionate athlete and manager. I have always tried to only partner with companies I respect, products I believe in and people I am proud to associate with. Having the belief and passion for product and service enables me promote the brand throughout the triathlon community and ultimately provide companies with the exposure they require.


My goal is to form long term relationships with all my partners and remain a loyal brand ambassador for their products throughout my sports career. The partnership is for me, a unique adventure and a joint work aimed to develop a positive image. I want especially to thank them for their confidence as they contribute to the realization of my performance. I am very pleased to present my partners and supporters for season 2021.


* Take a moment to check out the following partners. Please, use the contact form on this website and feel free to ask me about any of the below companies and their products and services. Check out their website by clicking on the logos below.

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To avoid many problems encountered  on the roads when I'm on bike, helps me SKS "Made in Germany". Since 1921, company has a proud tradition of manufacturing quality products. In 1932, the company launched air pumps for the first time and in 1983 the mudguard range was launched. SKS Germany has set a milestone among air pumps with the iconic "Rennkompressor" floor pump. The products comply with strict standards and have won several awards such as Red Dot and others.

Get-to-know Athletic Greens Code: JCvjetko-25

Athletic Greens is billed as the most complete, all-in-one wholefood supplement for a better you. By incorporating the Athletic Greens daily supplement into my diet, I can nourish my body with the vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals they need for intense physical training. Athletic Greens is a wholefood supplement with 75 ingredients working together to help with 11 key areas of health. It’s been developed over 10 years by doctors, nutritionists and naturopaths and one scoop has the antioxidant equivalent of 12 servings of fruits and vegetables. The daily wholefoods supplement is designed to fill gaps in diet to replenish nutrients.

Planks are difficult and lame? No longer! Thanks to the new Plankpad you can have muscle training and fun in one. Planking is proven to be one of the most effective workouts to build a strong core, align the spine and activate many important muscles of our bodies at the same time. Because the focus is on the core region, planking prevents and reduces lower back pain among many other injuries. You can conquer that desired six-pack and it also makes the amazing job of increasing the metabolism and burning calories while holding the plank position.

Get-to-know Plankpad Code:  jurica_plankpad

Michelin has been making bicycle tyres since the 1890’s when they created the world’s first removable pneumatic tyre. Long, demanding competitions like the IRONMAN triathlon  provide Michelin with an opportunity to showcase the effectiveness of its Michelin total performance philosophy which combines versatility, durability, strength and consistency in a single tyre to deliver even higher performance. Michelin are at the forefront of cycle tyre technology with their constantly evolving PRO road range.

For decades, Bauerfeind AG has been developing highly effective medical aids while also helping top athletes through the work of the Deutsche Sporthilfe foundation and at the Olympic Games. The Bauerfeind Sports product line was created out of these two areas of expertise and combine comfort, breathability and stability to support me perform at my best.

Australian cycling power meter specialist Verve Cycling, the company behind the InfoCrank cycling power meter was originally established in Perth, Western Australia in 2015. The InfoCrank power meter is designed to measure the constituent parts of power, torque and cadence, at a high frequency and offers a double-leg power measurement solution. Verve found that conventional cycling head units and data-transfer were an impediment to measurement and so developed its own datalogger and software. InfoCrank is positioned as being simple to install and use, with consistent data and reliability in power output measurements.

Power is an integral metric I start to use in the process to assess and progress my performance. InfoCrank’s high levels accuracy, consistency and repeatability is second to none and gives me utmost confidence in knowing the numbers I see and are comparable, accurate and therefore reliable. Having the capacity to measure left-right balance gives me an additional dimension of insight which is very valuable in optimising efficiency and performance capacity.