Sports:Business Work Experience

  February 2018 - February 2020


EMEA Marketing and Business Development Manager, Human Interest Group Sports Marketing and Management Agency  with headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, United States


HIG is a leading sports management, marketing and content facilitation leader in professional endurance sport and specializes in creating active lifestyle content around World Champion and Olympic level athlete clients. Based in endurance sports capital of the world (Boulder city), HIG has a long history of building brands and partnership in sport and provides marketing brandwidth, sponsor activation strategies and services, and audience-building content.


HIG was founded by Franko Vatterott, a respected innovator in the endurance sports space whose prior uncommon ventuures include Tri-Dubai, the first true professional triathlon team sponsored by the King of Dubai back in the mid 2000's, as sports agent to many of the top professional triathletes in the world and he was one of the founders of Retül (the revolution of bike fitting). Franko is one of the new wave of big thinkers in the endurance world and the guy, behind the guy.


With my deep data research knowledge and passionate work, HIG has started with its expanding more traditional athlete management services to include a broader range of strategic brand consulting and content development projects.

 October 2015 – February 2018 


Inspire & International Marketing & Country Licensing Manager - Ocean Lava Planet (Kenneth Gasque Island Sport Events SL) with headquarters in Lanzarote island, Canary Islands, Spain

Kenneth Gasque, IRONMAN Hall of Fame inductee and famous race director is the founder of the Ocean Lava Planet has more than 30 years' experience in the sport event industry. Kenneth is Danish citizen and been living on Lanzarote, Canary Islands since 1983.


Kenneth is world famous as the race director of IRONMAN Lanzarote and renowned for shaking the hand of every finisher who would cross the line in this amazing event. It was Kenneth who really made a massive difference to the growth of triathlon in Europe, having originally competed in Hawaii in 1985 and having the foresight to see the potential for an IRONMAN race on the similarly volcanic island of Lanzarote. Keneth’s vision has been crucial not only in the growth of triathlon in Europe but within triathlon as a sport, he has been at the forefront of getting more people to participate in triathlons.From the initial event in 1992, IRONMAN Lanzarote has grown to nearly 2,000 competitors and is widely recognised as being one of the hardest IRONMAN courses in the world and has a unique spirit, very much due to Kenneth’s development of the event over the years.


For many years, Kenneth combined his role as race director, with leading the sports side of Club La Santa, the world’s number one sports and active holiday resort.  As the result of the IRONMAN Lanzarote, Club La Santa has become a mecca for triathletes across the world to visit and train at.

December 2016 – February 2018


    International Marketing Manager - AMEO Sports GmbH with headquarters in Tutzing, Bayern, Germany


For success and implementation of the ISPO Munich awarded brand AMEO Powerbreath and it's business model is the most responsible Jan von Hofacker (CEO) who primarily supports his clients with strategic restructuring and with the adjustment and development of business models. Jan's actions are extremely entrepreneurial, and thanks to his experience as a finance investor, he successfully gained a wide range of expertise in the industry.


Originally unveiled in the summer of 2015 and rolled out in 2016, the AMEO Powerbreather snorkel has been expanding throughout Europe and beyond. The most well-known brand ambassador of the AMEO is Jan Frodeno, Olympic Triathlon Champion 2008 & Ironman World Champion 2015, 2016, 2019.


The AMEO PowerBreather offers great benefits when optimizing swimming techniques or training using the 'endurance method' which is especially popular in triathlon. With this innovative snorkel the athlete is able to fully concentrate on the their correct motion sequence and posture. It’s not only competition swimmers who benefit from this unique piece of sports equipment during training; it also helps beginners by providing a great safe feeling when breathing underwater and enables the swimmer to learn the correct technique from the start.