FLYTRI inter-airline Championships

I've invented special concept FLYTRI inter-airline competition in 2017 which was supported by Azores Airlines during independent triathlon event - Triathlon Azores Airlines which was rebranded with my work for Ocean Lava Planet Triathlon Series to the Ocean Lava Azores Islands Triathlon.


News:    Emirates Triathlon Club takes to the skies for FLYTRI inter-airline competition via


             Ocean Lava Azores: Triathlon in Naturparadies mit FLYTRI Meisterschaften via


             Açores é novo destino Ocean Lava via Azores Airlines Blog & Check-In 


The object of brand new FLYTRI inter-airline competition was to foster good relations among those employed in civil aviation by promoting and encouraging participating in sport of triathlon.


Since February 2018, I'm not anymore working in Ocean Lava Planet as international marketing manager and organizers of this triathlon event in Azores Islands (Portugal) don't have budget (interest) to support more this innovative triathlon event concept.

Flying is a profession that requires both brain work and physical fitness. It is fairly common for those who work on flight crews to be fitness-minded and talk fitness on flights.


Flight attendants and pilots are often training for triathlons or other fitness-related events. They bring bikes in bike cases and they ride on layovers. On flights to destination locations like Hawaii or Azores Islands they swim in the ocean.


The benefits of excercise extend beyond physical benefits. It can ease stress levels and increase feelings of relaxation and well-being. For many pilots staying fit on the fly is all about the small choices they makes each day. Between early morning flights, limited food choices, and hotel rooms far from home, pilots are intentional about the choices they make to stay active and eat healthy.


Do you know the magic number of triathletes who are working as civil avitation staff (pilots, flight attendants etc.) worldwide?


I just finished some unique research about triathletes who are employed in global airline industry. The numbers are significant and those active lifestyle enthusiasts withing the industry influence their peers.


The goal of the FLYTRI is to create a sustainable, emotional bond between airline brands and airline staff members - while promoting an active healthy lifestyle. 


Its about getting your services and event brand exposed to the masses and building brand awareness with a whole new universe of potential new customers and business partners.


I'm now looking to find interested race organization who would be possible interested to incorporate FLYTRI inter-airline Championships with the benefits this event project would be supported by some civil airline company.


Like there it's already Triathlon Military Championships and competition for triathletes who are medical doctors (in Germany), it's still missing some competition specific for triathletes who are working like pilots (civil aviation and military aviation), flight attendants and other civil aviation staff.


Would you be interested to find out how your event will benefit by partnering with FLYTRI? 


If you are interested, I would ask if I could send you a short presentation about the opportunity.