Plankpad - perfect and simple training device for your core training

Planking is proven to be one of the most effective workouts to build a strong core, align the spine and activate many important muscles of our bodies at the same time. Because the focus is on the core region, planking prevents and reduces lower back pain among many other injuries. You can conquer that desired six-pack and it also makes the amazing job of increasing the metabolism and burning calories while holding the plank position.


Planks are difficult and lame? No longer! Thanks to the new Plankpad you can have muscle training and fun in one. All you need is the Plankpad and a smartphone: simply download the app, place the phone on the Plankpad, start either game or exercise and off you go with working out!


Plankpad is the first app connected core trainer that puts you in the shape with ease. It combines a high-quality training device for the very efficient plank exercise with interactive games and workouts with a fitness app. Plankpad is versatile, suitable and fun for every age and gender, skill and fitness level and even for the whole family. Mostly it improves training motivation and leads to results much faster. Dynamic planking and balancing with Plankpad combined with the app is offering a complete new level of opportunities for home and professional users.

For use in homes, gyms, hotels and offices, The Plankpad combines a high-quality plank board that interacts through an app connected to your smartphone or tablet. The path to come into shape, having a healthy and strong core, back and body are often associated with exhausting training. Now this workout turns into interactive fun.


The Plankpad is designed for safety comfort and durability made of high-quality maple wood with walnut finishing and a soft mat. Originally the inventor André Reinegger designed Plankpad as a solution to get rid of his long-term back pain. The Plankpad is really suitable for every person. We have had a long testing phase who participants ranging from small children to senior citizens and the results were stunning. Even the current world champion in kickboxing was amazed and could hold his plank longer than before and the record holder is at the proud age of 65 - his time is six minutes of planking, explains Reinegger.


Very soon the Plankpad team realized that it developed a fun game and workout station for the entire family. It turned into furniture in their living room. From there on the mission was clear that every household should have one says David Cervenka, COO and responsible for Brand and Business Strategy at a Plankpad (Hello Products GmbH from Germany).


We have combined an effective full body workout with entertaining smartphone games. While the whole body gets into shape and is being strengthened, you focus on the accompanying games on the smartphone. You get fitter, train for a crispy six-pack and reinforce back and core. Our studies with more than 100 people of different ages and varying levels of fitness have revealed that they can almost last up to 50% longer. Instead of focusing the thoughts on the difficult workout, you concentrate on the game. That results in better workouts, provides a crispy six-pack and trains the back and the core.

In general, the plank exercise is the one of the most effective workouts you can do, but it can also be the most boring one. Now with the Plankpad, the time passes by really fast because your focus is the more on the games or workouts. And when you move left and right to steer the game, your body turns into a joystick and even more muscles are attracted. You build muscles, burn fat and improve overall posture by just few minutes a day. The focus on the games during planking automatically leads to holding the exercise longer and reaching the goals faster. At the same time, the app offers possibility to monitor the correct position of your plank via the workout section of the app.


Been sitting too long at the desk or on the couch? Dr. Nils Lynen, specialist for orthopedics and trauma surgery from the Praxiszentrum Nordrhein in Aachen in Germany recommends to exercise three to four times per week with the Plankpad in case of back pain in order to ease the pain or to prevent it altogether.


Plankpad can be used in a variety of ways: it can also be used as a balance board to focus the workout on leg muscles, body balance and motor coordination.  With specially developed games for standing and the possibility to connect the app to TV, the Plankpad turns into a snowboard or a surfboard. This way the workout is combined with the necessary portion of fun and variety, which also attracts every age and fitness level.

The Plankpad comes with the balance board, a mat to protect your floor, the app including many games and workouts, a 30-day challenge and a printed exercise poster and manual with 12 plank exercises. The Plankpad PRO is made of strong, high-quality maple wood with foam padding and a walnut finish. The soft rubber layer treats the lower arms and elbows with care. A special mat below the Plankpad prevents the Plankpad from slipping or creating dents in the floor. Thanks to the nice handle and the lower side, the Plankpad can easily be stored after the workout. Weight capacity up to 180kg. With a clever carry handle that has been designed into the unit. Measures 50 x 36 x 8cm (19.7" x 14.2" x 3.1") (W x D x H). Weight approx. 3kg (6.6 lbs). Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (iOS 8.0 or later) and Android smartphones and tablets (Android 4.4 or higher).

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