Triathlete Representation Management

"First off, I hate the word "Agent" - sounds so slimy and "Jerry McGuireish", says Chris McCrary, founder of Katalyst Multisport Management and manager a couple of professional triathletes.


To be an triathlete in the professional sector is a major challenge and it is not made with the training alone. Organization of the competitition season, sponsors management, part-time work, regeneration, friends and family, everything belongs to it and must be managed. This represents an additional workload for the professional triathlete.


The sport of triathlon is rapidly gaining international media attention, but often sponsors and athletes do not know how to find each other. So called athlete managers is still an underdeveloped area in triathlon as the yearly salaries of the athletes are still too small for athletes to be able to afford individual managers. Bringing athletes under 'one roof' with a manager who can sell the team as a package deal to a sponsor simplifies the work of a sponsor and enables both the established athletes to get bigger deals with less effort and development athletes to get access to sponsors they would otherwise simply not be able to reach.


Today the sport is no longer just a game but it is closely related to business. The economic interests around the athletes are massive and several times due also to their young age they need back up.  Mission of the managers is to protect and develop the careers of triathletes - their clients by managing their image, dealing with sponsors & handling any matters that are outside their core business. The vast majority of sport agents are either former athletes who washed out and used the connections they made during their sports career, or had other unique situations such as being related to/close friends with an athlete or influential athletic booster.


Many sports management agencies dealing with triathlon offers a tiered approach to athlete representation. Ranging from hourly "a la carte" services to full athlete management, they work with each individual triathlete to design a management structure that is flexible and able to meet the varying needs of today's athletes. Their interest and expertise is in developing income opportunities for their athletes on and off the race course by establishing licensing, sponsorship, and promotional relationships. They manage their athletes in way that provides them with the support to achieve success during their racing careers and the opportunity for steady income long after their racing days are over.


Focus is quite simple - they partner with triathletes who want more than just results on the sporting field, to allign their sporting careers with sponsors and partners that understand the importance of giving triathletes the time and the space to concentrate on their sporting endeavours. In return those companies and organisations gain great ambassadors for their brand that generate recognition and return on investment.

Mana Sport and Entertainment Group (Singapore) - Magnus Ditlev, Kat Matthews, Lauren Parker, Magnus Ditlev, Maya Kingma, Tyler Mislawchuk, Henri Schoeman, Joe Skipper


I-Ron Sport Management (SUI) - Sebastian Kienle, Sam Laidlow, Laura Zimmermann, Vasco de Paiva Vilaça, Immogen Simmonds, Kenji Nenner, Ben Bettin, Tilda Månsson, Bart Aernouts, Thor Bendix Madsen, Florin Salvisberg, Simon Henseleit, Rasmus Svenningsson, Bradley Weiss, Pieter Heemeryck, Ben Hoffman, Csongor Lehmann, Barbara Bianca de Koning


GB Management (DK) - Anne Reichmann, Florian Angert, Miki Taagholt, Kristian Høgenhaug, Daniel Bækkegård,


Lemieux Group (USA) - Lionel Sanders, Gwen Jorgensen


Stanton And Company (USA) - Holly Lawrence


Blue Chip Talent (AUS) - Ashleigh Gentle, Josh Amberger


Lens Agency (USA) - Craig Alexander


Blue Carpet Management (GB) - Alistair & Jonny Brownlee, Alex Yee, Non Stanford, Kate Waugh, Ben Dijkstra, George Goodwin


JSI (AUS) - Sarah Crowley


KEOS (SUI) - Flora Colledge, Anja Weber


NoPlanB (GER) - Annabel Knoll, Max Sperl


The Athlete Media Group (GB) - Sophie Coldwell, Laura Siddall


OneMovement Managemet (RSA) - Dylan Nortje, Shanae Williams


Portfolio Sport (GB) - Helen Jenkins, Jess Learmonth, Kyle Smith, Tom Bishop, Sian Rainsley, Adam Bowden, Ali Brauer, Tamim Al Kuwari, Elliot Smales, Dan Dixon


Human Interest Group Sports (USA) - Kevin McDowell, Chris Leiferman, Grace Norman, Mike Phillips, Davide Giardini, Mike Phillips, Radka Vodičkova-Kahlefeldt


MN2S (GB) - Alice Betto, Annamaria Mazzetti, Bence Bicsak, Cassandre Beugrand, Claire Michel, Dorian Coninx, Emma Jackson, Emma Jeffcoat, Fernando Alarza, Georgia Taylor-Brown, Gustav Iden, Hayden Wilde, Javier Gomez Noya, Jelle Geens, Joanna Brown, Jonas Schomburg, Katie Zafares, Laura Lindemann, Leo Bergere, Lisa Perterer,  Mario Mola, Marten Van Riel, Non Stanford, Rachel Klamer, Richard Murray, Summer Rappaport, Taylor Knibb, Taylor Spivey, Vincent Luis, Yuko Takashi


Santara Group (GB) - Richard Murray, Kristian Blummenfelt, Gustav Iden, Kirsten Kasper, Simone Mitchell, Chelsea Sodaro, Beth Potter


Unspotdesign Branding Desportivo (POR) - Vanessa Pereira, Katarina Larsson, Rui Dolores, Yuliya Yelistratova, Anastasia Abrosimova


Bewolfish (ESP) - Federica De Nicola, Sarah Kim Bonner


Poolster (BEL) - Marten Van Riel


Jacvan Events Pro Athlete Communication (FRA) - Tyler Butterfield, Romain Guillaume, Kyle Buckingham, David Hauss, Wian Sullwald, Michelle Vesterby, Susie Cheetham (Hignet), Vanessa Raw, Jeanne Colonge, Frederik Van Lierde (2011-2015)


Claire Duncan / Group Eleven (CAN) - Matt Russell, Cody Beals, Lauren Brandon, Jackson Laundry, Lesley Smith, Matt Hanson, Angela Naeth


PCH Sports (USA) - Julie Dibens, Mirinda Carfrae, Luke Bell, Caitlin Snow, Tyler & Nikki Butterfield, Jimmy Seear, Jennifer Tetrick, Annabel Luxford


Avid Endurance by Jordan Blanco (USA) - Taylor Spivey, Sarah Piampiano, Mohamed Lahna, Lisa Roberts, Kevin Collington, Sarah Cameto, Matt Dixon


JLG Management (USA) - Wassner Twins (Laurel & Rebeccah Wassner), Madi Serpico, Rudy Garcia-Tolson, Silvia Ribeiro, Carly Johann


Fortyninegroup (USA) - Timothy O'Donnell, Lauren Goss, Joe Maloy, Drew Scott, Rudy Von Berg, Summer Cook, Justin Metzler


M5 Management (Australia) - Melissa Hauschildt, Craig Alexander, Cameron Wurf, Caleb Noble,


Beats Per Minute (BPM) Sport (Australia) - Lucy Charles. Flora Duffy, Helle Frederiksen, Holly Lawrence, Tim Reed, Caroline Steffen (Pete Jacobs, Josh Rix, James Hodge, Josh Amberger)


Professional Sports Group (GB) - Non Stanford


W Sports & Media (AUS) - Jacob Birtwhistle


Podium Sports (RSA) - James Cunnama, Jodie Swallow, Henri Schoeman


Habermaier SportConsulting - Daniel Unger, Andi Böcherer, Thomas Springer, Jürgen Stilgenbauer


smartsponsoring GmbH - Julia Gajer, Florian Angert


Valhalla Sports Group (USA) - Ben Kanute, Eric Lagerstrom, Kevin Collington, Tim Reed, Leon Griffin, Christian Kemp


GHC Sports (Spain) - Clemente Alonso Mckernan, Marcel Zamora Perez, Fernando Alarza Vicente, Uxio Abuin Areas,  Jordi García Gràcia, Vicente Hernández Cabrera


Push Potential Marketing (USA) - Miranda Tomenson, Jeremy Howard, Daniel Cassidy, Ryan McCready, Ben Meer, Tim Russell


Human Sports Management - HSM (SUI) - Daniela Ryf - new in 2018 - Ryf Sports & Productions GmbH


Felix Rüdiger (GER) - Jan Frodeno 


Human Interest Group Sports (USA) - Kevin McDowell, Chris Leiferman, Grace Norman, Mike Phillips


Ljungström SportMarketing (GER) - Andreas Dreitz


CW Sportmanagement (GER) - Laura Zimmerman


ASG Sport Management (FRA) - Alessandro Degasperi


SportBrand Canada Inc. (Canada) - Paula Findlay, Joanna Brown, Jordan Bryden, Stefan Daniel


Mezzo Management Group (GB) - Georgia Taylor-Brown


JRS Sport Management (Sweden) - Lisa Norden


TAG Management (GB) - Sophia Green


AJ Tri Management (Australia) - Gina Crawford, Jimmy Johnsen, Dan Halksworth, Jacqui Slack


Hawi Management, Merhawi “Hawi” Keflezighi (USA) - Katie Zafares


Envision Sports & Entertainment (Canada) - Simon Whitfield, Amelie Kretz


Maschkan & Kux Sports Consulting GmbH (AUT) - Julia Hauser


WEC GmbH (Kai Walter) - Natascha Schmitt, Daniela Sämmler


Sports Sphere (GB) - Vicky Holland


Tempo Sports Marketing (USA) - Leanda Cave (before  Lou Cantin - JCM Marketing)


NTSQ Sports Group (Canada) - Dylan Gleeson


Velocity Sports (Australia) - Dan Wilson


NES Consulting Elite Athlete Management Services (USA) - Ben Kanute


Sam Maxwell Sports Management - Emageo Group (Australia) - Ryan Bailie


Tri:ceps Team (Germany) - Stefan Schmid


maximalPuls Agency (Germany) - Christian Kramer


PVLS Sports Management (Spain) - Roberto Sanchez Mantecón


The Summit Sports Agency (Portugal) - João Pedro Silva (Australia) - Emma Jeffcoat


DTR Management (Australia) - Nathan Dortmann


TORRE Consulting Services, LLC - Matt McElroy


PROthree (USA) - Dirk Bockel


Lane 1 Sports Management and Coaching (GB) - David & Tom Bishop, Matt Dewis, Heather Sellars, Sophie Coldwell, Catherine Jameson, Adam Bowden, Morgan Davies, Lois Rosindale


Distel Pipe Success Coaching (Switzerland) - Patrick Jaberg


Ironcrew (Croatia) - Andrej Vistica


Dromos Agency (USA) - Mohamed Lahna


DHM Talent Management (AUS) - Levi Maxwell


Ben Halton-Farrow (GB) - Kimberly Halton-Farrow Morrison


Leverage Sports Asia (Singapore)


Amped Professional Marketing Solutions (New Zealand)

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