Triathlon & Sport tourism - A big opportunity for Croatia

What are we missing? How come a region so oriented toward tourism still remain limited with sport tourism?


Tourism is one of the strategic branches of the Croatian economy and its importance increases year by year. This is partly so because of negative trends in other segments of the economy, but also due to the fact that it was the first segment of the Croatian economy to open itself towards the free movement of capital and know-how from the global market.

The combination of these two factors is precisely the reason why tourism in Croatia, in terms of the achieved gross value, exerts the second largest influence on the overall economy in Europe, after Cyprus. Along with that, tourism in Croatia also represents the main substitute for the classical export of goods, this being the factor that significantly alleviates the consequences of extremely bad foreign trade results, the main channel for attracting foreign direct investments and the most intense sector in terms of employment in greater part of coastland Croatia.

Thus, it is evident that any model of a long-term sustainable economic growth in Croatia would imply a strong contribution of touristic activities, but also synergy models of that sector with other segments of economy, such as food industry, health and related services, as well as traffic and infrastructure facilities. However, for all this to be achieved, a national tourist industry requires a significant development. Even though enormous steps forward have been made over the past ten years, the fact remains that Croatia still has not reached those levels of tourist numbers from top seasons from the middle of 1980-ies.

There are still many significant tourist facilities not fully deployed or in an unacceptable condition, the mere duration of tourist season is still concentrated on a relatively short time period of summer months, whereas the development of a tourist infrastructure in many places has not been accompanied by an adequate development of human resources and accompanying services which would transfer the Croatian tourism from the previous concept of “selling overnight stays” into a modern form of hospitality industry with all its branches, forms and tourist products it can offer.

The first step in achieving this goal should be the promotion of the best practices, projects and measures implemented in a domestic tourist sector which could serve as a basis for establishing and evaluating excellence.


Not just spa & wellness hotels & resorts in Croatia: new offer of the triathlon friendly hotel marketing


A unique product attracts attention. A unique hotel attracts tourists. The product itself is the primary thought in creating a unique concept, along with the experience that the guest will take away upon their departure. Thus the guest must be served with something unique! Any other option… and it’s just another hotel.

I'm sure that triathlon friendly hotels are novel concept in hotel industry!  


Availability of additional contents in the destination:

  •   Events that do not depend on weather conditions - Triathlon event? – One of favourite quote of Triathletes: „No such thing as bad weather, just soft people!“
  •  Sports/recreational contents – Triathlon training camp & triathlon holidays offer
  •  Additional offer in the destination – Triathlon friendly hotel in Croatia?


     UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) figures:

  • Seasonality in Tourism is a worldwide phenomenon
  • Increasing in last 2 years
  • Peak shifting from July to August

Train Triathlon & Experience Croatia all year round!

Cycling, running and swimming are sports that are highly beneficial for your health, since every muscle in your body is used. These benefits can be combined with tourism, for after a long sport day there is always some time left to sunbathe on the beach, do cultural visits or sightseeing, relax with a massage in the spa center and taste the local gastronomy. This is a nice way for to be on active holiday and also do what active people like most in a natural environment away from the confines of a gym. With its world-class beaches and well-preserved heritage, the tourism industry in Croatia has flourished for many years. Sports tourism, especially triathlon tourism however, is still underdeveloped in Croatia today.

Croatia could increasingly become an excellent base for a triathlon training camp and a triathlon tourism destination due to its mild climate and wide range of hotels and facilities. Croatia can offer a number of different options on accommodation, running and cycling routes, while there are also plenty of open-water swimming options to consider. Istrian Peninsula attracts thousands of cyclists to its shores each year and for good reason; it is ideal. Each winter teams such as the Croatian, Hungarian, Slovenian and Russian national teams come to Istrian peninsula to make use of the excellent road surfaces, varying terrain and scenic routes.