The Exclusion from Germany’s Triathlon Union

Bavarian Triathlon Association (BTV - Bayerischen Triathlon Verband) has been excluded from Germany's national governing body, Deutsche Triathlon Union (DTU). This is the temporary end of a sports policy escalation, which is really about making as much money the Bavarian Association has paid over to the DTU.


The decision following a financial dispute over the annual sum of €15000, for the period of years 2009-2011, which is understood to be due to DTU adding up to an estimated €50000. Obviously 12 other German national triathlon associations made their request to the exclusion without dissenting vote, because BTV its statutory contribution obligations as the only national association does not fully recognize. The vote was unanimous in the open election, only DTU President Dr. Martin Engelhardt abstained.


This disputed amount is for triathletes in Bavaria; those athletes that are not members of the BTV but are counted and submitted via local sports clubs to the sports associations in Bayern state.


A decision after months of failed mediation to tax codes, lack of payment of BTV to the DTU, a suit of BTV, raises many questions  : 'Can BTV be alone? Will BTV back in DTU? Or would be established a new organization based in Bavaria?' The Bavarian clubs have in their own hands, to decide on the annual meeting of BTV in October, which way they want to go in the future.  Martin Engelhardt, the DTU-president stressed that the way back to the DTU is not closed for the BTV.


The impact of the decision?


What are the effects of exclusion of the Bavarian rights athletes in other countries?  

The consequences of the decision for the athletes in Bavaria are not yet clear. One thing is clear: the best Bavarian triathletes cannot obtain passports and therefore participate in competitions, for which they needed a license. Even participation in German championships are for Bavarian triathletes no longer possible. Furthermore nationwide measures as promoting young athletes and clubs in Bavaria remain initially denied. As always interest of the policy has fallen on the backs of the innocent athletes!


Otherwise DTU is built up of a number of national/regional associations.

At more than 50,000 members in 2012, overall membership of the German association has gone from strength to strength – up more than 55% on 2009 membership levels.


In the spirit of sports law, all parties must put together as soon as possible to find a solution and not to do anything that will possible harm sports rights of all triathletes. I hope that the DTU would find a good and fast solution for the Bavarian triathletes.


According to a report by triathlon blog DNF Is No Option the exclusion has the potential positive work for the triathlon in Bavaria to drive back a full decade. Ultimately, disputes amongst associations do not serve the future growth of the triathlon in the each country!


The official press release from the The German Triathlon Union




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