I have recently begun working with one of the leading global sports marketing and management agencies in endurance sport, The Human Interest Group (HIG). Based in the endurance sports capital of the world Boulder, Colorado, HIG has a long history of building brands and partnerships in sport and provides marketing bandwidth, sponsor activation strategies and services, and audience-building content for companies around the world.


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The Human Interest Group
Twitter: @BoulderCartel
Instagram: #professionaltriathlon
Facebook: The Human Interest Group

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                                                   Athlete Management

As age group triathlete and experienced project manager in triathlon business my focus is quite simple - I partner with athletes who want more than just results on the sporting field, to align their sporting careers with brands and companies that understand the importance of giving athletes the time and the space to concentrate on their sporting careers. 


In return those companies gain great ambassadors for their brand that generate recognition and return on investment. With an emphasis on supporting athletes achieve a broad range of athletic pursuits, I provide specialist service offerings including sponsorship consulting, athlete management, leadership development, and marketing strategy execution.