Ocean Lava Planet

From October 2015. to February 2018. I was working in position as Inspire & Marketing Manager of the Ocean Lava Planet Triathlon Series.


I was responsible for the marketing and communications of the Ocean Lava Planet at a corporate and brand level as well as providing marketing and communications support to licensees. The position overseas worldwide marketing and communication activation in line with the strategy and business plan set forth and agreed with the CEO & Founder of the Ocean Lava Planet. Key to the role was ensuring the financial viability and return on investment of all marketing activity.


Ocean Lava Planet (Kenneth Gasque Island Sport Events SL) Camino Peñas Blancas, 5, 35518 Tías, Las Palmas, España



Who is Kenneth Gasque - Founder of the Ocean Lava Planet?


The name of Kenneth is instantly recognisable when it comes to sporting activities in Lanzarote island (Canary Islands, Spain). Kenneth is man who brought the famous Ironman triathlon to the island in 1992 and he has been a key figure at Club La Santa, Lanzarote's unique sports and holiday resort, since its inception. Kenneth is Danish citizen and been living on Lanzarote, Canary Islands since 1983.


Kenneth created at Club La Santa sports resort Volcano Triathlon in 1984., the first international triathlon on Spanish soil, at that time the Spanish Triathlon Federation did not exist. After competing in Ironman World Championships Hawaii in Kona 1985., as first ever triathlete from Denmark, Kenneth realized that with one Ironman event in Lanzarote island could be very similar to the the Ironman World Championships. Hawaii and Lanzarote are both volcanic islands, both sit in the middle of the ocean and both offer challenging conditions. By 1992 Kenneth managed to get the contract to organize first Ironman on Lanzarote and, to this day, it remains a truly unique event.


The hospitality of the Lanzarote community is one thing, but so much of the atmosphere of the race comes from one source: Kenneth Gasque. Kenneth has more than 30 years' experience in the sport event industry.


Kenneth is also responsible for events such as Ocean Lava Lanzarote Triathlon (final festival event of the Ocean Lava Planet Triathlon Series which he founded in 2014.), Lanzarote Wine Run and the Lanzarote Music Marathon.


Club La Santa is holding a party to say goodbye to Kenneth Gasque after more than 35 years of work

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