Training races (Duathlon & Triathlon League Competitions)

Staying local

I think it's very important also to look at the local races in my area and appreciate them as well. These events are smaller, more accessible, that bring new triathletes to the sport and give them experience to potentially go on to bigger races. Too often we look to the big sports events, the recognized entitles as the ultimate goal, forgetting that the local organizer provides us with a way to enjoy our sport on a smaller, but equally wortwhile locale. Racing at small events, I was reminded about what I loved when I first got into Triathlon. Local races provide the lowest barrier of entry to our sport. We all have to start somewhere, and I'd recommend every new triathlete start their local race, or at least a smaller event. Smaller events are less daunting, especially for the swim, and offer a less-stressful environment. They offer the perfect venue for the firs-time triathlete to experience the sport. You can try new equipment, strategies or nutrition and if doesn't go as planned, you're not out all that money. For more experienced triathletes these race events can be anything from a season goal to a B priority race as you build towards a larger goal in triathlon season. Big races given the right amount of time to train and resources to put into them, they can be the achievement of a lifetime. However, it is the local race that let's us enter the sport, giving us the needed experience to take on the bigger challenges if you choose. So as you wind down this season and look to set your 2015 schedule, don't overlook the smaller events as they can be every bit as challenging, without too much expense and stress.

Triathlon League Aquacity in Varazdin city, Croatia (800m swim, 21km bike, 5km run                     

Season 2014.

July 2  Sprint triathlon - 1h:15min 

July 9  Sprint triathlon - 1h:15min

July 16 Sprint triathlon - 1h:26min (puncture of tire)

July 23 Sprint triathlon - 1h:12min

August 6 Sprint triathlon - 1h:12min

August 13 Sprint triathlon - 1h:10min

August 20 Sprint triathlon - 1h:11min

Season 2013.

July 10 Sprint triathlon - 1h:12min

July 24 Sprint triathlon - 1h:13min

July 31 Sprint triathlon - 1h:13min

August 7 Sprint triathlon  - 1h:17min

August 14 Sprint triathlon - 1h:13min

August 21 Sprint triathlon - 1h:11min

August 28  Sprint triathlon - 1h:12min

Season 2012.

August 1  Sprint triathlon - 1h:15min

August 8  Sprint triathlon - 1h:12min

                                                        Season 2011.
July 20 Sprint triathlon - 1h:17min 
August 17 Sprint triathlon - 1h:17min
August 24 Sprint triathlon - 1h:19min

Sprint Duathlon League Aquacity in Varazdin city, Croatia (5km run, 21km bike, 2.5km run)

                                                     Season 2013.

April 24 Sprint chronometer duathlon (21km bike + 5km run) - 59min

May 8 Sprint duathlon - 1h:13min

May 22 Sprint duathlon - 1h:12min

May 29  Sprint duathlon  - 1h:15min

                                                    Season 2012.

March 21  Sprint duathlon - 1h:10min

April 4 Sprint duathlon - 1h:10min

April 18 Sprint duathlon chronometer (21km bike + 5km run) - 1h:00min

May 30  Sprint duathlon - 1h:12min

                                                   Season 2011.

August 31  Chronometer duathlon (21km bike + 5km run) - 58min
September 14   Sprint duathlon - 1h:13min
September 28   Sprint duathlon - 1h:10min